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A company that 

always does its best 

for its customers.

A company that always does its best for its customers.

Powerful wings for global exports.

Our company produces computer quilting machines, sewing machines, and multi-needle machines, and develops and manufactures a variety of textile-related machines based on related sewing technology and manufacturing know-how.

We export to all countries around the world and have acquired utility model patents and European safety standards (CE) to create safer and more reliable machines.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our customers who always cherish and use WonChang Machinery.

I am confident that we have been able to build extraordinary trust with our customers by always thinking and acting from their perspective.

We are manufacturing and designing machines with technological development, creation of new patterns, and forward thinking that makes them easier to use and one step closer to users.

WonChang Machinery continues to dedicate itself to the development of new products with a sincere heart.

Rather than relying on just one technology, we will continuously develop and create machines that satisfy the needs of our customers.

thank you,


The ideal desired by the customer.


Best quality and best choice.


A brand you can trust and choose.

Tel. 053-582-1911 | Fax. 053-582-1915 | wonchang@wonchangm.com
42724. 370, Seongseo 4cha Cheomdan-Ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea

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