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WSQ Series

Quilting & Embroidery


WSQ Model

The automatic jumper system is applied so that the embroidery machine functions can be operated without difficulty.

Since each head can be controlled separately, individual repair work that occurs during work can also be handled excellently.

The automatic dispensing system (ALS) maintains the performance of the machine and consumables for a long time.


Fully automatic computerized control and easy operation.

Easy -to - use operation


No matter what happens at any time, everything about the current work location and work is saved so that it can be connected when working again.

Auto Jumping

By adopting the electric solenoid method, jumper work can be done at high speed without stopping the working machine.

Rotary Hook

The size of the rotary hook is a double size with twice the capacity of the commonly used one, which increases production during continuous work and reduces the operator's workload.

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