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Quilting & Embroidery


2BAR Model

NUBi-323T / NUBi-323TZ(ZigZag)

The high-performance heads of each quilting machine are separately attached to the front and back, allowing for jumper work, individual repair work, and embroidery work without any problems.

When working on jumpers, the gap between the front and back is 12 inches, so a variety of work is possible, similar to one-head work, and the work speed is very fast.

And, the Automatic Spray System (ALS) maintains the performance of the machine and consumables for a long time.

CE safety standards

The safety of the machine has been confirmed by obtaining CE (European Community Safety Standard) for worker safety and work efficiency.

Embroidery work

Because the front and back heads can be set cross-set, an excellent product can be completed by simply working in the forward direction when embroidering jumpers.

Auto Jumping

By adopting the electric solenoid method, jumper work can be done at high speed without stopping the working machine.

Rotary Hook

The size of the rotary hook is a double size with twice the capacity of the commonly used one, which increases production during continuous work and reduces the operator's workload.

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