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NQ Series



The front and back of the needle bar are spaced at 3 inches (76.5 m/m) and are coordinated with the left and right 3 inches (76.5 m/m) or 2 inches (51 m/m), allowing you to work on a wide variety of combined design patterns. (Diamond pattern, square pattern)

(Special specifications: The rear needle bar can be moved left/right for zigzag work)

Using the improved motor control method applied by our quilting technology, it is possible to produce more complete products and supports many design patterns.


Fully automatic computerized control and easy operation

ZigZag Working

The needle on the back of the machine moves 1/2 inch (half), allowing zigzag work with the front needle.

(Basic option)

Diamond Step

When working with a diamond (square) shaped pattern created by crossing front and back needles, the production volume is far superior to that of a typical model and the quality of the work product is also excellent.

Wide Working

If you choose the NQ-403D or NQ-602D model, you can work with a width of 120 inches (306 cm).

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